AOI coiler

AOI coiler

Product introduction:
This equipment is applicable to the winding and unwinding of FPC coil in AOI testing machine. It has a wide range of application and can produce a variety of material numbers. It is a necessary equipment for coil in AOI testing machine.
Coil production can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce product quality abnormality.

Product advantages:

1. The unwinding tension is adjustable, and the unwinding tension is set according to different thickness of copper foil.

2. The buffered coil material can be pulled freely with the AOI equipment.

3. Communicate with AOI to realize continuous unwinding detection rewinding.

4. The upper part of the winding and unwinding equipment can be opened to realize the switching between automatic production of coil materials and manual production of sheet materials.

5. Continuous production with coil material to improve efficiency.

6. Equipped with brand PLC and touch screen system, the operation interface is in Chinese, with user password protection function.

7. All parameter settings are completed on the human-machine interface, and the operation is very user-friendly and simple. The equipment has sound and light alarm function.

Product specification:



Power supply specification


Deviation correction accuracy


Air supply specification

0.4 ~ 0.7MPa, dry air source φ 12mm quick plug

Applicable product size (mm):

Machine weight plate thickness: 0.036mm-0.15mm

Width ≤ 520mm

Corresponding material rack

Inner diameter of coiling drum 3 "compatible with 6"

Machine size


Conveying height


Machine weight



PLC + touch screen