Full automatic holding press

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Full automatic holding press

Product introduction:
This equipment is an automatic pressure maintaining equipment for PSA on FPC.
(full load bearing pressure maintaining)

Product advantages:

1. Intelligent operation: enter the vehicle - jack up - maintain pressure - exit the vehicle.

2. Use the pressure maintaining die of the whole vehicle to maintain the pressure to ensure its efficiency.

3. Adopt the overall action of the cylinder to maintain the pressure and ensure the pressure maintaining effect.

4. Use the air pressure regulating valve to adjust the holding pressure to ensure the overall compression effect.

5. Conventional pressure maintaining head or heating pressure maintaining head can be selected for replacement according to different products.

6. PLC control unit, with Chinese operation surface and user password protection function.

7. The parameters are input and saved by PLC control to facilitate debugging. The equipment has sound and light alarm function.

8. The whole equipment adopts high rigid structure to improve the overall stability of the equipment.

Product specification:

Takt Time

12sec / vehicle

(calculated as per pressure maintaining time of 6S)

Power supply specification

Single phase 220V / 50Hz; 3Kw

Treatment method:

Cylinder jacking and pressure maintaining

Air supply specification

0.4 ~ 0.7MPa, dry air source φ 10mm quick plug

Applicable vehicle size



Pressure range

≥ 300kg / vehicle

Machine size


Conveying height


machine weight



PLC + touch screen