Automatic strapping machine

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Automatic strapping machine

Product introduction:
This equipment is mainly used for the delivery of tray stack automatic PE rope binding.

Product advantages:

1. Intelligent operation: put tray stack - PE rope binding - turn 90 ° - PE rope binding - exit tray stack.

2. Standard strapping machine is adopted, which is convenient for maintenance.

3. The binding range is protected by a full-scale shield to ensure the safety of operators.

4. Equipped with brand PLC and touch screen system, the operation interface is in Chinese, with user password protection function.

5. All parameter settings are completed on the human-machine interface, and the operation is very user-friendly and simple. The equipment has sound and light alarm function.

Product specification:

Takt Time


Power supply specification

Single phase 220V / 50Hz; 3.5KW

Treatment method:

PE rope binding

Air supply specification

0.4 ~ 0.7MPa, dry air source φ 12mm quick plug

Applicable tray stack size (mm):


Binding method

Single turn / double turn

Machine size


Conveying height


machine weight



PLC + touch screen